So first of all not all 40+ year olds are created equally so if you are bullet proof and not carrying any injuries and still smashing your training like your were in your 20s then keep fucking going.

However if your like me with 30+ years of hard training under your belt and carrying elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, neck injuries, fuck it would be quicker to tell you what doesn’t hurt .

Here’s a few suggestions (some maybe controversial) firstly drop your ego, your not competing anymore your goal should be to stay healthy somewhat injury free and with good mobility.

  • Train more like a bodybuilder, yeah that’s right slow shit down and focus on actually moving and contracting your muscles properly.
  • Switch free weights for machines.
  • If your still doing modified Oly Lifts switch out for body weight or weighted vest plyos.
  • Instead of hill sprints smashing up your knees swap out for the airdyne bike.
  • Spend more time on your recovery, ice baths, red light sauna, normatek compression, sports massages etc.
  • When rolling and here’s the hard part slow shit down, focus more on technique and control and maybe choose who you train with carefully, maybe the 25 year old NCAA wrestler white belt isn’t for you anymore 😂 let them fuck somebody else up.

Age is a bitch and I hate it but if we are smart with our training we can still fuck up these young whipper snappers every now and then, it just takes us a few extra naps and few extra days to recover that’s all 😂

These are just a few suggestions, if you’d like more specific advice on exercise selection, load management, frequency of training etc drop me a message.

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