Should you go Inverted?

Should you go inverted? this is something I have seen people do many times and often times when not required. Like any position in BJJ, there is a time and a place and doing something just because you can seems a little silly. The amount of stress put onto the cervical and thoracic spine when inverted can be tremendous. I myself am suffering a cervical herniated disc at present and I have no doubt that inverting onto my neck has played a large part in that injury, along with the guillotines, chokes and neck cranks. The inverted guard is very good for preventing guard passes but from an injury prevention point of view I would only use it as a last resort, not my go to guard defence. I have seen people [...]

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Ego and the over 40’s

There's no room for ego in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that applies even more so when it comes to being in your 40s and trying to compete with people 20 years your junior. Keeping up with a 20 year old is not usually possibly for the average 40 plus year old, we need to train more intelligently and slow down the pace if we can. I know from personal experience that it is incredibly hard to accept that you cannot do what you did when you were 20, even 30 years old but its a fact of life unfortunately. However, just because we get older, that doesn't mean to say we have to give up doing what we love. We just need to be more careful, take our time and [...]

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