The Essential Pad Man Online Resource

The Essential Pad Man was developed by Karl Tanswell, Head Coach at SBG Manchester and Director of SBG UK. This resource is for anybody who wants to improve their focus mitt and pad work drills for the striking arts. Why this Online Learning Resource? Whilst I was initially amused watching these poor ‘pad men’, my amusement soon turned to frustration when it was happening more and more at every event I attended. There seemed to be a complete lack of understanding and experience. It was then that I decided to develop this training resource to help educate the guy holding the pads. Every Detail Counts The difference between winning and losing a fight is very small; if only a small percentage of your mitt work is off point [...]

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Dan Henderson still Going Strong at 45

He was always an inspiring athlete at any age but now at 45 years old,  Dan Henderson should be an inspiration to anybody over the age of 30. It was claimed by many that Hendo's success in recent years came as a result of the TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) that he had been prescribed and that once he was off it, his career would be over. Although Hendo has suffered a couple of set backs in recent years I would argue that this was not as a result of being off TRT. Dan's last  fight whilst on TRT was a rematch with Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua at UFC Fight Night 38, on March 23rd 2014. In the 3 years prior to that fight, that is from March 2011, Dan Henderson had seven [...]

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