Dan Henderson on Mental Toughness

Dan Henderson is a legend in the sport of MMA. At 41 years of age, he is still highly competitive in a sport saturated with young talent. Here he explains his mental toughness.

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5 Solo Training Practices for BJJ

Just recently I have heard a number of people ask how they can train BJJ when they are alone at home. Unlike other sports it is very difficult to practice BJJ alone as drilling technique requires a willing partner to practice with. However do not fear because although you may not be able to practice teahnique on your own you can still use your alone time at home to hone your BJJ skills. So without further ado, here are five things you can do at home to improve your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 1) Stretch Having good flexibility is imperative to improve your game. You may not be busting out your Eddie Bravo rubber guard any time soon but strecthing whenever possoible will increase your flexibility even if only fractionally. It [...]

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