Should you go Inverted?

Should you go inverted? this is something I have seen people do many times and often times when not required. Like any position in BJJ, there is a time and a place and doing something just because you can seems a little silly. The amount of stress put onto the cervical and thoracic spine when […]

The Essential Pad Man Online Resource

The Essential Pad Man was developed by Karl Tanswell, Head Coach at SBG Manchester and Director of SBG UK. This resource is for anybody who wants to improve their focus mitt and pad work drills for the striking arts. Why this Online Learning Resource? Whilst I was initially amused watching these poor ‘pad men’, […]

Dan Henderson still Going Strong at 45

He was always an inspiring athlete at any age but now at 45 years old,  Dan Henderson should be an inspiration to anybody over the age of 30. It was claimed by many that Hendo’s success in recent years came as a result of the TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) that he had been prescribed and […]

How to kickstart your motivation to roll again

I received a message recently from Ricardo asking for motivational tips to roll again after being off with a number of injuries. I understand how difficult it is to feel motivated to train BJJ when we have been injured as I have been there myself on a number of occasions. I cannot give you guaranteed […]

When will I get Promoted in BJJ?

As the manager of a mixed martial arts and BJJ gym I see a lot of new students come through the door. Some have trained a little before, some are completely new to the game. One thing most of them usually ask is “how long will it take me to get to blue belt, purple […]

Ego and the over 40’s

There’s no room for ego in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that applies even more so when it comes to being in your 40s and trying to compete with people 20 years your junior. Keeping up with a 20 year old is not usually possibly for the average 40 plus year old, we need to train […]

Venum Absolute BJJ Gi Review

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00AYNTJ5U” cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”yes” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”bo4-21″ width=”160″]venum absolute bjj gi[/easyazon_image]The physical demands of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu require the very best in personal conditioning and equipment. You need to be wearing a Gi that is up to the demands, and will also give you the freedom of movement so you will […]

Don’t ignore those niggles

Let’s face it BJJ is a tough sport for anybody, regardless of age; but once you get to your thirties, forties and beyond, your body just doesn’t have the same resilience as it once did. Inevitably injuries will occur much more frequently and usually a lot easier than they used to, heck, at our age […]

Dan Henderson on Mental Toughness

Dan Henderson is a legend in the sport of MMA. At 41 years of age, he is still highly competitive in a sport saturated with young talent. Here he explains his mental toughness.